Online Loans and Their Difference with the Regular Loans

Humans are entitled to make mistakes; we are, after all, are only humans. So it is pretty understandable and logical if you suffer from a financial chaos. For instance, you just realized that you only have $5 in your pocket and yet your payday is still a week away. You haven’t filled the gas and the fridge is empty with no food left. Will you let your family starve to death? I don’t think so. Going to the bank is impossible because you know that you won’t get the loan that you want from them. So, the only logical way is to hit the internet and have the online loan.




Online Loan vs Bank Loan

What is an online loan, anyway? How is it different from the regular loan from the bank? Well, everything about the two loans is completely different. For a starter, the time length. The online loan is applicable for a short span of time – a month will be the longest. The bank loan, on the other hand, is designed for a long-term period with 12 months being the shortest.  Second, from the amount of money being borrowed. In the online loan, you only borrow a couple of hundred dollars – $1000 is the maximum amount. However, in some providers, you are allowed to borrow up to $1500, especially if you are a regular- meaning that you often borrow from them. In the bank loan, the minimum money to borrow is around $5000. So, if you only need to borrow, let’s say $200, for the next two weeks, you know which type of loan to take.


Other Things to Know

Regulations and process are another different things about the loan. In the bank loan, you will be dealing with tough regulations and complicated process. You will have to go through a background check, credit check, and so many others. And after you have waited for days, it is not a guarantee that you will get the loan. Such a bummer, huh? Moreover, never expect to get the loan if you have a negative credit history or record. The banks will never allow you if your credit isn’t promising.


Through the online loan, however, the process is somewhat easier and simpler. No need to wait for days. There is no complicated processing either. All you have to do is to go to the official website, fill in the already provided form, and send the application. Just wait until they get back to you to notify you whether you get the loan or not. Moreover, the provider won’t care whether you have a perfectly clean and flawless credit record or not. They don’t even care if you have a standard good record. All they care about is that you have a job and you will be able to pay the money back on time. Fail to do so and your debt will be the rooftop high.


That’s why it would be wise if you can borrow just as much as you need – don’t exceed it. Having the online loan where you can get fast money is nice but there is a hidden trap if you aren’t careful about it.